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‘Insects as Feed: Interdisciplinary approach to insects as sustainable feed component”

Photo by Jeroen Bouman


What we do

InsectFeed is a research consortium in the Netherlands, focusing on the production of insects for poultry feed as a part of a sustainable circular economy.


Contribute to sustainable feed production using insects


Houseflies and black soldier flies as a low-value input, high value-output feed product

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Latest news of the consortium

Insectenkwekerij maakt ingredi├źnten voor veevoer (en straks mogelijk burgers) van vliegen – News article in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, […]
Article in the magazine Poultry NL about the InsectFeed project.
Interview with programme coordinator Marcel Dicke in All About Feed

External news

News related to the topic of insects as food and feed outside of the work done withinthe InsectFeed consortium. 

Article in New York Times about the use of insect frass and exuviae in agriculture.
Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Teun Veldkamp
EU Member States approved migratory locust (Locusta migratoria) as a Novel food pursuant to Regulation […]


For the past years, many meetings have moved online, connecting people all over the world and allowing unique opportunities to also share these meetings to a broader audience. Here we collect webinars and informational videos to provide more background information on insects as food and feed.

Webinar from 18th of May 2021 about growing houseflies as chicken feed, […]
Closing event of the Insect Pilot Plant project (