Environmental, health, ethical, consumer and economic perspectives

Sustainable food production is a major challenge. Can insects feature in sustainable feed production to support the growing world population without transgressing the planetary boundaries? That is the central question during this interdisciplinary symposium on the 12th of September 2024!

A diversity of speakers will highlight their research on, among others, the effect of feeding livestock with insects on livestock health and welfare, the economic robustness of the insect value chain and consequences of producing insects on low-quality waste streams. Furthermore, several speakers will highlight insect ethics and welfare questions and share their research on insect behaviour and the immune system. All these topics will be addressed by researchers and placed in broader perspective by different stakeholders.

Thursday 12 th September

9:00 – 17:00 h 

Podium room in Omnia
Hoge Steeg 2
Building 105
6708 PH Wageningen

Subscription opens on June 1 st 

Subscription fee: 25,- Euro

Preliminary program:

Block 1:   Poultry health and welfare

Block 2:   Insect health and substrate safety

Block 3:   Insect behaviour and welfare

Block 4:   Ethics and value-chain of insects in food production